Summer Style Tips

It’s not uncommon for you to feel frustrated when trying to think of what to include in your summer wardrobe – especially your temporary wardrobe when heading on holiday – whilst aiming to remain as fashion conscious as possible.

In the other seasons, autumn and winter in particular, keeping up to date with fashion tends to be a lot easier, as apart from anything else, you can simply throw on a large winter coat and not have to worry about whether the clothes you’re wearing underneath are in fashion or not. Summer, however, is a lot a different and it can cause more than one or two headaches when trying to figure out how look in vogue, whilst also being cool enough in the sun.

Fortunately, summer style in 2010 is both particularly casual and relatively easy to get right with these tips showing you just how to have a fashionista’s wardrobe this summer.

1. Shorts are without doubt the staple of anyone’s summer clothes. This year, make sure that your shorts are as short as they can be, aiming for hot pants or even shorter.

Alternatively, you could go for something with a little higher waist, such as a pair of boy shorts. The whole boyfriend-clothes look is definitely in this year and can be easily changed so that it suits all seasons.

2. If you do decide to go down the boyfriend-clothes look, don’t forget a blazer. They may be too hot to wear during the day, but when the temperatures are cool on a night and you’re sat around the barbecue with your friends, a blazer will not only keep you warm, but make sure that you stay fashionable, too.

3. For women’s clothes for the beach, think about a one strap bikini or if you want to stand out form the crowd, a cutaway monokini. Monokinis with cut out sides or backs have been available for years, but 2010 sees the range broaden massively. They may be a little risque for some and are not particularly suited to those who usually wear larger women’s clothes, requiring somewhat of a svelte figure, but for those who can pull them off they look fantastic.

4. With the popular return of double denim throughout the spring, various other denim fashion styles are returning for the summer. Ripped jeans, for example, are expected to be huge in the coming months, just as big as they were in 2008 and patched jeans are also going to be popular, which can effectively be the redesigning of ripped jeans, if you’re not too keen on that look now, but have some left over from last time they were popular.

5. If you want something a little more formal for the summer, maybe for an evening event, then choose a dress that has a high split. With a split that isn’t right up to the top of your thigh, but only an inch or two off, mixed with a pair of heels, you’ll be sure to turn heads at any summer event you go to over the coming months.