How to Dress Yourself Fashionably

Women in their 30’s are fluctuated between their personal changes and their careers. When a woman is in her 30’s, she is not a girl anymore and she has to be mature both in her family and her career. She would be several children’s mother and begin to be responsible for her children, husband, parents and friends. She is so busy maintaining the balance of the family and career that she wouldn’t have enough time to care for her appearance. That’ll be bad. In modern society, out of fashion means you will be less competitive both in your career and family. So, this short article is going to give some fashion tips for women in 30’s.

Women over 30 are different from 20’s girls. You have much to think about. Now you are a career woman and you know how hard it is to earn money, and you are a mother and also know how hard it is to raise up your family. When buying things such as clothes and accessories, you will be more practical. That doesn’t mean you should wear cheap fashion, with these guidelines, you’ll be able to be fashion.

My first point is how to choose fashion clothing. Women in 20’s are young and they can wear any strange clothing to show their personalities, but women over 30 can’t wear tacky clothes at any cost. Since you might have to take care of kids and you can’t spend much time dressing up or washing clothes, your clothes should be comfortable to wear and easy to clean. Sometimes you have to make a distinction between what to wear at work and what to wear off duty. If you are not required to wear work clothes, wear bright colors such as peach, light blue blouses with pants or A-line skirts to show your passion for your work, but your skirts should at least end blow knees. Pay attention to this: bold colors don’t mean bold styles. If you have already got married, stay away from Low-cut or short clothes such as Low-cut dresses and miniskirts when you are at work. After work, you can dress bright loose T-shirt with Capri pants or a simple blouse with long skirts. When attending evening banquet, you should dress a formal gown that fit your feature and status.

Then keep your eye on the makeup and accessories. You can’t try new cute styles now, no bowknots, no cute earrings. 30’s women should choose jewelry that are elegant and little mature. Avoid carry glitzy handbags, purses or concise handbags are recommended. Maybe you have to wear heels at work, but after work, you should take care of yourself and choose a comfortable pair of flat footwear. As for makeup, you should avoid doing heavy makeup such as bold colors for eye shadows and eye lines. That doesn’t mean a totally plain look devoid of any makeup is good. Your makeup helps you look graceful and femininity.

In fact, you don’t have to pay too much attention to your dress, just keep yourself natural, simple and comfortable.

Spring Men’s Fashion

I wouldn’t say that I’m one of those miserable people, who seem so put out by the winter season but I sure am glad when we see the back of it! Don’t get me wrong, the winter isn’t entirely unbearable however it can be a bit boring when you’re trying to look as stylish as possible.

Winter style is good but when you’re limited to knitwear and coats so thick you risk looking like the kid out of Home Alone; it can get a bit mundane. With the spring however, although the weather isn’t 100% warm, the ability to ditch the countless layers and where something other than brown can be quite refreshing to say the least.

Whether you’re into your fashion like me, whether you try to keep up with the latest trends as much as possible or you just go with the flow; the coming spring season brings with it an endless number of style opportunities. You don’t have to be completely outlandish in your style choices but this spring there is no reason why you cannot look like a well-groomed gentleman that knows exactly what he’s doing.

Ready to get a bit braver with your wardrobe choices; here are the top tips to keep in mind this season…

    • Runway – The 2015 Spring/Summer runway shows have been inspired by the 70’s. I’m talking lots of denim, bright ombre colours and some very brave print’s. These look great on the runway and have really got people talking but complete looks might not work so well for the average Joe. Whether one of the trends appeal to you or all of them do, try not to dive straight in, take it a step at a time and mix and match. In an attempt to look exactly like a runway show you could end up attracting attention for all the wrong reasons.
    • Shape – There are a lot of great items that both high street and men’s designer labels will have available but you have to remember that not every item will work for every man. Again tying in with the above point, don’t overdo anything just because you’ve seen it on the runway. Perhaps consider trying one thing at a time and see how you feel; particularly if it’s a new material and fit that you’re not used to. From skinny denim jeans to tight tees and tailored short jackets; not every style suits every man so practice and get used to what your body type best.
  • Invest – I love high street brands but whatever the season I always try to ensure that I invest in at least one designer pair of shoes. It seems a bit much but what helps a man’s style stand above the rest is the quality of his footwear. From quality footwear for the office to a pair of stylish trainers or brogue’s that I know I’ll use all summer; whatever the season and whatever my personal style choices; investing in the right quality footwear can help me stay a step above the rest.

With spring around the corner, you don’t have to be a style guru to know that now is the time to really bring your wardrobe to life. From embracing the latest trends, to sticking to what suits you best, to always ensuring that you always have lasting quality in your choices; fashion is always unpredictable but by staying one step ahead, you can ensure that whatever season arrives, you’re style always leads the way.

Essential Beauty Tips for Men

It may sound strange to be discussing beauty tips for men, but men are just as concerned about their appearance as women. However, they may not be aware that there are many helpful ways to enhance the impression they portray to others. This is not only important when enjoying the company of women, but also vital for business and social settings. Here are three essential beauty tips for men that one would be amiss to ignore.

1. Physical Grooming — The first area that should receive attention is physical grooming. Men often feel that the daily shower and shave process is all the cleansing needed. This is not true. Everyone, men and women alike should pay special attention to good facial cleansing morning and night, including weekly facial masks to cleanse pores to prevent blackheads. This is definitely not an exclusive feminine grooming need. Following thorough cleansing, trim or otherwise remove any wild hairs on the eyebrows, nose and ears. Most barbers perform this trim as part of the regular haircut, but the need will often arise between barber visits.

Concerning the shaving process, another tip is important. Men should either be cleanly shaven or wear a neatly trimmed beard. The stubble look portrays a look of laziness and is no longer fashionable. Experiment with aftershaves and colognes to find the right fragrance for your body chemistry. Men should always smell nice, but the wrong or too strong a fragrance will be offensive.

2. Cosmetics (You Heard Me!) — The next area of beauty tips for men may be surprising. Most men think that wearing makeup is not even to be considered. However, there are makeup products made especially for men and one of the most popular is called a guyliner, which is regularly used by many celebrities. Using a small amount of dark eye shadow on the eye lids will emphasize your eyes and produce a smoky and sexy look. If you have uneven skin tone on your face, a little foundation can be used to blend away the blotchy look. And keep a tube of lip balm with you at all times to keep your lips moist, especially if you hope a date will end with a goodnight kiss.

3. Context-Driven Style — No list of tips would be complete without addressing clothing. The most important consideration is the type of occasion for which you will dressing, from an elegant restaurant, a serious business meeting or a movie date. Every man should possess at least one high quality suit, with appropriate shirts and ties. If you are unsure of the right style, enlist the help of knowledgeable staff at a fine clothing shop. Clothing does not have to be expensive, just well fitting and stylish, but the correct clothing is certainly worth the price. When dressing, to help ensure you are wrinkle free, hang your clothing in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will remove any wrinkles.

Incorporating a few of these beauty tips for men into your daily regimen will make you stand out in a positive way and give you the natural confidence that will make you look good as well as feel good.

Fashion Guide For Men

By the time men reach their thirty’s many are settled at work and at home and if this is your situation you may have let your appearance become less of a priority as other issues take over. For this reason it is very easy to find yourself stuck in a bit of a style rut during your thirty’s. You may tend to stick with the same hair cut, that has served you well for the last few years, and find that your wardrobe is a little lacking in ‘current’ pieces.

The good news is that you probably know what you like and dislike, and what kind of ‘look’ you are comfortable with Those awkward teen and twenty years of experimentation and fashion disasters are behind you so you can move forward with confidence.

Here are some top tips on how to look great in your thirty’s:

Polish your style. Consider people your age whose look you admire. What is it about their hair style and what they wear that keeps them ahead of the game? This can be a great way to gain inspiration for your own updated look. A lot can depend on body shape and skin colouring so take this into consideration when pinning down a style that you feel happy with.

Out with the old. Go through your current wardrobe and remove anything that is clearly unlikely to get another airing. While 90s fashions such as military boots have resurfaced recently there is no excuse for combat trousers!

Key items. Make sure you have work and formal wear covered and invest in some of those other essential items, like a decent jacket or coat for colder days and some superior quality shoes.

Fit. Pay attention to size. If you have outgrown a treasured item don’t wear it just because it used to look good, invest in something that flatters your frame as you are today.

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Military Fashion Guide For Men

To help you maintain your exclusivity and obliterate competition everywhere you go, I’ve compiled a number of hot pieces that highlight the spirit of the season in a military fashion trend, I believe that these items are a must have in every man’s wardrobe.

Wolverine Burton Boot

A leather upper, perfectly round toe and slight heel make these boots smart enough to wear to the office, but their rubber sole means your feet won’t be sore at the end of the day. At work, pair them with some jeans and a blazer for a fall uniform that’s a refreshing departure from, but no less comfortable than, jeans and a T-shirt.

Def Tank Jacket

Add a military spin to your ensemble by investing in this olive colored topper. This utilitarian parker from April 77 is not just casual, it’s sophisticated. Featuring a head-warming hood and a slim fit that makes you appear slim fit and polished. This coat can be worn with jeans or pants tucked into some nice combat boots for a bold weekend look.

Cartridge Chain Cuff Links

The two-toned body and onyx head of these cuff links will pair well with almost any dress shirt. To continue a military theme throughout a dressy outfit while spending less, follow in your grandpa footsteps. In spite of wartime scarcity, The 40s men knew that adding classic pieces like a double-breasted, knee-length camel coat to their going-out ensembles was a surefire way to look good for less. Try it out and feel for yourself.

J.C. Vintage Cargo Pant

No military-inspired wardrobe is complete without a pair of cargo pants. If you don’t already own a pair, these are one of the smartest buys you’ll make this season, because they’re never out of style for long before they’re back in again. J. Crew’s version is made from cotton slub twill, which gives it a distressed, vintage feel.

All-Son Military Shirt

For your go-to shirt for fall, a season less, multipurpose piece from All-Son is a must, wear it as a traditional shirt or roll up the convertible sleeves, fastening them to the button-tabs when you need to get your hands dirty. To leave you the option of adjusting your sleeves, a vest is an ideal item to layer over this top. Add distressed cuffed denim and an officer’s cap for a bolder look that reinforces the military fashion trend.

Military Cardigan

This is made from durable and cozy pure lamb wool, a good example is the mock neck cardigan from the Gap, it is bang on trend for fall (and spring), and completely affordable. At the office, layer a similarly-hued thinner sweater underneath and a blazer over top. Keeping everything in the same color family is a quick and much updated way to create a chic look. On the weekend, team this sweater with a chunky scarf and combat boots instead.

Diesel Strong Duffel Bag

Planning an adventure? Then Diesel strong duffel bag comes in handy. Made from strong canvas, it’s sure to survive the thrashing of airport security, and will even improve in appearance after a bit of rough handling. Its wraparound leather belt adds a touch of refinement to this bag, making it uniquely and identifiably yours. A removable shoulder strap and carrying handles give you two options for schlepping your stuff in style.

Fashion Bargains Online

If you need to do some fashion shopping for your or your children and dread the thought of having to load the kids in the car and head out in the traffic to visit your local shopping center, consider looking for those items on the internet. Shopping at home online offers some great benefits. First, you are saving gas and your valuable time. You can sit comfortably at home in front of the computer and take your time browsing for what you are looking for. Secondly and most importantly perhaps, is the amount of money you will save. Along with the incredible expansion of the world wide web comes some amazing choices for the shopper.

You can pick up great deals online no matter what you are looking for. For example, if your kids need new shoes, take a look at some of the online retailer who specialize in footwear for the family. You can pick up a great looking pair of Uggs for kids at greatly lower prices than what you would pay if you were to shop at your local mall. Ugg boots have been around since the early 2000s and they are incredibly warm very stylish and are now available in a wide assortment of styles and colors. Uggs are generally quite expensive in boutiques, but you can pick them up online for prices that are very affordable, to say the least. Uggs are designed rugged, are very comfortable and there is little doubt that your children will love them.

If you happen to have a baby at home, you can find great prices and a wide selection of baby products such as little giraffe blankets and hooded towels on the internet at incredible savings. Little giraffe products are made of the softest materials and many of the blankets are trimmed with a lush satin border that babies find irresistible.

You can also find items for yourself as well when shopping on the web. If handbags are your thing, you can find great deals on designer purses such as longchamp handbags that are not only in style, but are sure to turn a few heads when you carry them.

The next time you are considering driving to your local mall to do some shopping, reconsider and take a look around on the internet. Not only will you find exactly what you are looking for, you will undoubtedly save yourself a bundle of money.

Selling Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Online

If you want to begin earning big bucks online, you might consider buying wholesale fashion jewelry and retailing these at a profit. There have been several successful online retailers who focus more on fads and take advantage of the different trends and sudden demands of the market. Fashion jewelry come in various shapes, colors and sizes. You can learn more about the products by talking to wholesalers and asking them about current demands.

Picking the Jewelry

Contrary to popular belief, fashion jewelry does not only appear in gold, silver and other very expensive metals. Nowadays, there are new forms, preferred mostly by young individuals because of their style, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

Fashion jewelry now also uses less expensive materials like sterling silver, regular wires and even leather. These also sport less expensive stones like moissanite, amethysts, fancy gems and other artificial crystals and colored glass. You can choose any of these depending on your personal preference and budget.

Some online retailers choose to sell fashion jewelry according to the type. For example, there are people who solely sell fashion jewelry necklaces. Others specialize in earrings, rings, bracelets or anklets, depending on their target market. You can be more secure in selling items that you are actually interested in so that you can answer questions from customers and also describe the item with more clarity.

On Storage and Purchasing Wholesale Jewelry

When choosing to invest in jewelry, some retailers find it quite challenging because they have to ensure that they have the right security and storage facilities that can house the items to avoid theft and other untoward incidents. Most wholesale suppliers agree to display the items and put them on consignment basis, if they discover that the retailer has already invested heavily in the storage room.

Online retailers however usually do not get approval since they only offer products straight from home. That is why using a wholesale directory is important because they would have already gone through their research and listed the wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers who will be willing to work with you.

Selling jewelry requires several thousands of dollars if you are actually going to purchase the products you have in stock. Some can take weeks or months to sell. You should set an agreement with your wholesale fashion jewelry supplier, allowing you to exchange some of the goods, if these are still stagnant after a number of months.

The Next Best Option – Dropshipping

Your other alternative is to find a fashion jewelry dropship program. Look for a wholesale directory to find companies and wholesale suppliers who are willing to setup your business in a way that is beneficial for all parties involved.

Dropshipping can save you thousands of dollars and you do not have to worry about inventory and storage. Delivery will also be taken care of by the jewelry dropshipper. You only get the profit on the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price that you sell at. This is one of the best work from home opportunity for people interested in selling fashion jewelry on the internet.

Fashion Ideas For Women

Finding modest and fashionable clothing can be difficult. Many fashion trends today emphasize and expose the human figure in ways that make many women uncomfortable. Not every woman feels confident in revealing clothing. You should feel comfortable in the clothing that you wear everyday. Fortunately, there are options for women who want to feel comfortable and look good. Modesty and fashion don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

A dress is one of the hardest articles of clothing to find designed modestly. Sleeveless dresses are very often more prevalent than those with sleeves. But layering can be a great way to add modesty and fashion to your sleeveless dress. A shawl, wrap, jacket, or cardigan can cover up and add a great look to your dress ensemble. Adding layers can help you feel more comfortable about what you’re wearing. Another piece that can be difficult to find in modest styles is a swimsuit. It isn’t uncommon to spend several hours searching for a great looking one-piece swimsuit in a store amidst rows and rows of bikinis.

The problem with one-piece swimsuits isn’t finding them; it’s finding a swimsuit that looks good too. But if you know where to search, you are sure to find just what you want. There are many websites that specialize in modest swimsuits that look great too. Tankinis are also a modest option for people uncomfortable with bikinis. A women’s tankini swimsuit is similar to a bikini, but the top is a designed as a tank top rather than a bikini-style top. It’s not impossible to find clothing that is comfortable and looks great too.

Harley Davidson Fashion Ideas

There are few of those in the world who are not aware of the popularity of Harley Davidson. This popularity is not restricted to motorcycles only. They extend to accessories like gloves, boots and helmets.

There are even t-shirts with the logo and some popular bike models printed on them. All of these together make a strong style statement for those who embrace it. Men are obsessed with owning the motorcycle along with all the accessories that come with it. Owning anything that has to do with Harley Davidson will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

Some of the following products are the most suitable while riding the motorcycle:

Since riding a motorcycle involves having to expose yourself to harsh weather conditions including wind, rain and dust, it is a good plan to wear something that can withstand all of that. Leather jacket in black is the best option in such a situation. They look smart and give a wild, tough look to the rider that goes well with riding the best bike in the world. That is why it is very popular among men who ride the Harley Davidson.

The most obvious piece of clothing that compliments a black leather jacket is a pair of black leather pants. They look sexy on the wearer and teamed with the jacket make for a strong style statement. They also act as protectors to the legs during harsh riding conditions in case of bruising or scratching.

They go well with the biker look complete with the bike, the helmet and the jacket.

The biker look is not complete without the quintessential leather boots. They are not only good to look at and make a mark in the fashion scene, but also protect the feet in case of sudden injury. They are made of tenacious leather and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They last long and can be worn during long rides on the bike.

Helmets are very important when you are riding a motorcycle. They protect the head for severe injuries. The impact of many accidents is controlled by the use of helmets. Although their use is widely supported and advised, there are many irresponsible bikers who avoid wearing helmets when they are riding a bike.

Wearing the Harley Davidson helmet will not only satisfy the protection criterion but also make for an appreciable style statement for the wearer. They are built very sturdy for maximum protection.

To add to the zing of the entire Harley Davidson fashion attire you may wear the goggles made by this company as well. They are very much in fashion and at the same time they protect the biker’s eyes form the sun’s glare when he is on road.

They are available in many shades and styles to suit a wide range of customer preference.
For most bikers who are interested in the Harley Davidson look, most of the above items of fashion are included in their style statement. Although most of these products are built to protect the rider while riding a bike, they also provide for smart fashion.

Summer Style Tips

It’s not uncommon for you to feel frustrated when trying to think of what to include in your summer wardrobe – especially your temporary wardrobe when heading on holiday – whilst aiming to remain as fashion conscious as possible.

In the other seasons, autumn and winter in particular, keeping up to date with fashion tends to be a lot easier, as apart from anything else, you can simply throw on a large winter coat and not have to worry about whether the clothes you’re wearing underneath are in fashion or not. Summer, however, is a lot a different and it can cause more than one or two headaches when trying to figure out how look in vogue, whilst also being cool enough in the sun.

Fortunately, summer style in 2010 is both particularly casual and relatively easy to get right with these tips showing you just how to have a fashionista’s wardrobe this summer.

1. Shorts are without doubt the staple of anyone’s summer clothes. This year, make sure that your shorts are as short as they can be, aiming for hot pants or even shorter.

Alternatively, you could go for something with a little higher waist, such as a pair of boy shorts. The whole boyfriend-clothes look is definitely in this year and can be easily changed so that it suits all seasons.

2. If you do decide to go down the boyfriend-clothes look, don’t forget a blazer. They may be too hot to wear during the day, but when the temperatures are cool on a night and you’re sat around the barbecue with your friends, a blazer will not only keep you warm, but make sure that you stay fashionable, too.

3. For women’s clothes for the beach, think about a one strap bikini or if you want to stand out form the crowd, a cutaway monokini. Monokinis with cut out sides or backs have been available for years, but 2010 sees the range broaden massively. They may be a little risque for some and are not particularly suited to those who usually wear larger women’s clothes, requiring somewhat of a svelte figure, but for those who can pull them off they look fantastic.

4. With the popular return of double denim throughout the spring, various other denim fashion styles are returning for the summer. Ripped jeans, for example, are expected to be huge in the coming months, just as big as they were in 2008 and patched jeans are also going to be popular, which can effectively be the redesigning of ripped jeans, if you’re not too keen on that look now, but have some left over from last time they were popular.

5. If you want something a little more formal for the summer, maybe for an evening event, then choose a dress that has a high split. With a split that isn’t right up to the top of your thigh, but only an inch or two off, mixed with a pair of heels, you’ll be sure to turn heads at any summer event you go to over the coming months.