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Things To Know About Graduation Caps and Gowns

All of us has been to a graduation at least once. We can see candidates in graduation cap and gown receiving their diplomas on stage. Graduation day is the day where success, pride, and achievement is best felt for the people involved directly or indirectly. That is why when the graduation cap and gown is worn, a feeling of respect and glory is earned. Now you might be thinking of the facts related to graduation caps and gowns.

The wearing of the said graduation cap and gown has been observed since the 12th century. It was in this time that the universities in Europe were established. Degrees of certificates were also composed during this era. There were different cut out points that were formalized so as to decide the levels of academic studies in school. Classes in the universities were held inside churches because buildings were not yet constructed in this time. The scholars were the first to have used robes and hoods in the churches. And now it has evolved to the wearing of a graduation cap and gown. Thus, now the use of graduation caps and gowns.

The school of academics once used the gowns as a formal dress code in 1321. From then onwards, it is already common for people to wear gowns. Additionally, different types of gowns were assigned to different levels of study. This is also how the wearing of gowns by graduating students came about.

And as time flies, different standards on how to wear the gown just kept on evolving. Everything had stopped in the year 1895 as the Intercollegiate Commission was formed. It was the leader of the american institutions that made this commission. The aim of this commission was to make a standard for everyone in wearing the gowns. The standards set were commonly called as the Intercollegiate Codes and are still being modified through time. Usually, what you will notice are students getting stressed over the fact that they still could not complete the requirements for graduation like the cap and gown. So if this happens, do not panic. There are still other places where you can secure one for yourself. The very first place you could visit is your university. Graduation gowns from high school to college level can easily be acquired in your university. As a matter of fact, it is just affordable too. Graduation caps and gowns can also be seen in retail shops near you. You will see a lot of options there. You can choose something that best suits you. If this still doesn’t work, there are seniors out there who have already graduated and maybe you can rent their graduation cap and gown.