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How to Improve Sleep for Children

The overall children healthy is highly improved by good sleep. Enough sleep makes the child very active in his or her daily routines. The current research has revealed that very many young children have serious sleep deficiency. For those who are in school, the sleep hours missed makes them sleep in class. The consequences of this is poor academic progress because the pupil misses a big part of the lesson content. The problem of lack of sleep in children continues to be mystifying as the day’s progress. Here is a quick scan of issues which have led to this as well as suggestions of how this problem can be mitigated.

Technology tops in affecting the current poor child sleeping behavior. Today’s child best friends are electronic gadgets and toys. They are just addicts of animation programs as well as movies. Why say this? Computer screen emits rays which are not very friendly to the functioning of the brain, the brain remains being active even when the young adult is asleep. You may not just withdraw these gadgets from them abruptly; ensure that you have switched off these gadgets several minutes before bedtime. This trick works miraculously because once the screen is off, he or she will get bored of your old age chores and just sleep. With this, you will not keep on pestering you child to go to sleep, when the gadgets go off, his or her mind will also be alerted that it is time to sleep.

Busy schedule of parents is also another problem contributing to the lack of sleep of children. In fact, there is a big number of parents have no time for their young family members. Children miss their parents who are barely available from Monday to Sunday. Do not just be the provider, have time with your daughter or son, play or talk with him or her as this gets them away from “automatic” life, kiss them a good night as well.

Modern world offers limited space to keep the child physically active. The congested cities have very limited space to build spacious schools with good and room playgrounds. They lead a dull life because of lack of time and space to play. They lead executive life where they are dropped and picked to and fro the school. For those who are in boarding schools, they are reading machines because they have bulks of assignments and very little time to play. Ensure that your child has sufficient physical activity which should be supplemented by a healthy diet.

Let the child eat some hours before bedtime.