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How To Choose Wedding Bands Obviously, once you get engaged to the one person you love, it’s time to think about the wedding next. But planning the wedding is quite a tiresome and could even be overwhelming to you. This is why most people would turn to hiring a professional wedding planner to do much of the laborious job. And while practically everything about the preparation can be delegated to the wedding planner, there are those that require your exclusive attention. One of those decisions that only you can make is choosing the right wedding bands. And since it’s your first time, you might also be clueless as to the options you have and the things to consider. Fortunately, we already came up with a list of tips for you to follow. Tip 1 – Since there are so many options, it is wise to narrow down your choices. Remember that the wedding band is expected to be the only piece of jewelry both of you are going to be wearing every single day after the wedding, and this means you need to put in a lot of time deciding what type you really want. It is recommended that you come up with a few choices in your list right before heading out to the store to make the purchase.
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Tip 2 – Although unconventional, it actually is wise to buy your ring and bands together.
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Firstly, this tip isn’t applicable in two scenarios: one is when you already have the engagement ring in your finger and two, if you wish for your engagement ring to be a surprise instead. A good option for the both of you if you want to wear your wedding band and ring together is a shadow or contour type of band that is used to interlock with the engagement ring. But if you are expecting to wear your wedding band alone, a more intricate style is the more practical choice because it can look beautiful even without the engagement ring. Tip 3 – Set a particular budget. It’s safe to assume that at least three percent of your wedding budget is going to go to the purchase of the rings. You should know by now that in order to figure out the real or actual amount of the wedding band, you need to determine the material composition you want. While gold is definitely the most common type, it’s really not the only option you have. The other options you have include diamonds and engraving as well as platinum bands that are a lot more expensive. Of course, you know for a fact that more embellishments means higher price tags. In the end, you must go ahead and choose a wedding band that will suit your lifestyle as a couple perfectly. It simply does not make any sense to choose something that you’re not comfortable wearing or showing off.